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Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Trapeñia

Here is where you will find the future.

Sometime just after the final chime of The Long Now Foundation's 10,000-year clock (should the clock, the mountain range it is buried within, or the earth itself survive that long) an immense, lone generation ship will slowly descend onto a relatively small island on a large, blue water world several thousand light-years distant from the ship's original point of departure. No one on that ship will have a living memory of ever seeing the surface of any planet before that landing.

... Or this may all be pure mythology.

The Encyclopedia of Trapeñia is an effort to separate fact from fiction, to illuminate the truths of the past and present even as it celebrates Trapeñia's rich literary and mythological past.

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Trapeñia may be a place. Or an idea. It may be a feeling deep in our collective consciousness, or a dream.

Whatever we believe it to be, Trapeñia is here, and you have an opportunity to build the first full Encyclopedia of a world that may or may not exist.

It does.


Trapeñia is a world in need of further definition and development. This wikispace is an opportunity for anyone, from any and all walks of life, to contribute whatever knowledge they have of this world and its history to the Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia requires mainly narrative description, but artwork and original audio productions as supplements to textual articles are welcome, too.

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