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Founded in the year 200 by a group of wealthy citizens, the Library of Trapenia was the first public library on the island. It is now the largest library, specializing in the compilation and preservation of the history of Trapenia. The Keepers responsible for these compilations and preserving the texts are some of the most reclusive members of Trapenian society as they spend much of each day at their work.

The Early Years

Initially, the library's collection was made up of the various manuscripts the founding families of the library possessed and had donated, but over time, it became common practice for families to donate any text they might own so that the whole community would have access to these written resources.

The Later Years

After the Great Library Fire, the community pulled together and rebuilt the library in 3 years, so that in 700 there was a great celebration at the library to start the new year. Shortly thereafter, the library started the History Preservation Initiative reaching out to the local community and public school to spread the importance of recording history on Trapenia.

Now the Library is made up of a seemingly infinite collection of Filmbooks and the houristas still waiting to be converted into a FilmBook by the keepers.