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Hypernon is the god of water, and the king of the pantheon of gods that are the leading religion of Trapeñia—Hedonism.


According to the Sangrado, the Holy book of Hedonism, there were two gods who were brothers. Hypernon was the god of water, and Terranius was the god of land. Both had great powers, but only one could bear the Rod of Preeminence. The rod would make the bearer unstoppable and all powerful. Because Terranius was the older brother, he was the one who possessed Rod of Preeminence. With the Rod of Preeminence, he created a world made entirely of land, over which he ruled. His brother, Hypernon, however, wanted that power. In order to get this power, he asked the goddess of the sky, Cielea, to seduced Terranius, to convince him to tell her the secret hiding place of the Rod of Preeminence. Once Terranius told Cielaea where the rod was, she left him to go tell Hypernon. In the dead of night, Hypernon stole away to the secret place and claimed the rod for himself. Quickly, he started to change the world from entirely land to entirely water. However, Terranius woke and stopped him from changing it completely, leaving a large island in the middle of the sea. Terranius knocked the Rod of Preeminence out of Hypernon’s hand, into the water, where it was lost. Without the Rod of Preeminence, Terranius could not change the planet back to what it was. The Rod of Preeminence was never recovered, but it is said that on some nights, you can still see Terranius walking the shoreline, hoping that one day it will leave his brother’s realm and come back to him.

On the Western Coast, by Laural Bay, there is a temple dedicated to Hypernon. Pilgrims from all over Trapeñia flock to this temple to give thanks to Hypernon for their plentiful fishing, and to petition him for prosperity in the future. The temple is a perfect square with entrances on all four sides. The altar is housed in a circular structure surrounded by a pool of water. Only the High Priestess is allowed to go to the altar, where she communicates with Hypernon. There Hypernon tells the priestess what penances or messages to the god wants communicate to the worshipers. Only women are allowed to be priestesses in the Temple of Hypernon as a tribute to the goddess Cielea who assisted Hypernon in acquiring power over the world. The current High Priestess is Mariah Hernius.

The floor plan of the Temple of Hypernon. It is a square structure with entrances on each side. It houses a pool with the Holy of Holies at its center.