Harris Hospital

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Harris Hospital was founded by and named after Gary Harris in 2785 shortly after he had discovered the Hyphulus vaccine. Shortly after being in the spotlight for discovering the vaccine to such a fatal infection, Harris raised enough money to open a hospital and research center for patients infected with disease and researchers working diligently to cure them. Gary Harris was president of the hospital until he had passed away and his son Leonard Harris took over as president. Harris hospital was the most advanced and prestigious hospital in all of Trapenia, attracting only the smartest and most accomplished researchers.


The Harris hospital is also specially designed for emergency and trauma cases too. People that need immediate help from home and need to get to a hospital are no longer transported by ambulance but by air at all times. These underground ambulances are transported to and from the hospital with many harlikins present to assist patients from the home and bring them to the hospital faster. The hospital has an underground emergency room and trauma center that the underground ambulances come straight in and out of. This way of transportation avoids all kinds of traffic and in turn saves more lives.